Princess Gaufrier belge Deluxe noir mat – 2 gaufres – 1 500 W


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Who doesn’t know the waffles with cherries and whipped cream from Belgium? With the Princess 132398 Belgian Waffle Iron Deluxe, you are now able to make these delicious waffles at home. The stylishly-designed waffle iron has a high power of 1500 watts which lets you bake two delicious rectangular waffles in no time. With the adjustable thermostat, you are able to decide how dark you want your waffles to be. Choose a delicious topping and serve the waffles as a snack or for breakfast or dessert. Modern Belgian Waffle Iron. The Waffle Iron Deluxe has two baking plates of 26 x 22 cm with a non-stick coating and are shaped in the traditional Belgian Waffle form of 7 x 4 squares. The cool-touch handles and the non-slip feet make sure you can use the waffle iron safely. With its modern and stylish matte black look, it’s totally on trend and suits every kitchen. Adjustable thermostat for the perfect waffle. The Belgian Waffle Iron has an adjustable thermostat, so you can easily decide on how crisp and dark you want your waffles to be. The high power of 1500 watts ensures that the waffle iron reaches the desired temperature fast. The light ring on the thermostat provides a stylish detail and makes it easy to see what the temperature of the iron is. The original Belgian waffles are served with cherries and whipped cream, but you can use different kinds of toppings yourself. Sprinkle the waffles with icing sugar, spread them with Nutella or eat them without any topping. With your own Belgian Waffle Iron Deluxe, you can try something different every time. Easy to store and clean. Thanks to the non-stick coating, the waffle iron can be cleaned easily. Let the iron cool down and then use some kitchen roll to clean the plates. Afterwards, store the device easily so it can be used again for your next snack moment.
choisissez la température de cuisson grâce à son thermostat réglable ( maximum : 220 °c) pour obtenir des gaufres moelleuses ou croustillantes, selon vos préférences.
sa surface de cuisson de 26 x 22 cm vous permet de réaliser deux gaufres par session. grâce à sa puissance (1 500 w), votre appareil à gaufres chauffe rapidement.
ses plaques, au revêtement anti-adhésif, sont très faciles à nettoyer avec un chiffon humide.
utilisez-le sans risque : il répond aux nouvelles normes de sécurité européennes, est équipé de pieds anti-dérapants et d’un voyant vous indiquant qu’il est en marche. de plus, ses poignées « cool touch » ne chauffent pas.
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